28 02 2013

Marvel The GR8 Cover art

GR8: The Album

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Marvel The Gr8 – “Gourmet (FREE DOWNLOAD)

22 02 2013

Marvel The Gr8 Gourmet

Marvel links with J. Hyphen (1/2 of The Formula, Language Artz)  for the upbeat single “Gourmet”, an Ode to Gr8 women. The song samples the familiar Mack Stroll from the moition picture “The Mack”.  “Gourmet” also features the soulful New Zealand crooner Mikey Mayz.

GR8: The Album

will be available FREE free online

2 / 28 / 13







Hitchhiker’s Guide To Insanity (FREE DOWNLOAD)

17 12 2010

Sanity is Overrated.



H.G.T.I ~ Game Locked Tight starring Marvel The Gr8 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

10 11 2010

prod. by B. Jeff


#HGTI coming soon.



Whereabouts: PausLA and Shifty Rhythms present: THURSDAY! (11/11/10)

9 11 2010

My first live performance as a solo artist.

Sorry I’ve been busy recording new material for the masses.

My new project entitled “Hitchhiker’s Guide To Insanity” is recorded and in the process of being mixed as I type.

I am performing a few songs from HGTI at this show (which have never been heard)

Rob Roy, who recently signed to Dim Mak Records, is also performing.

FREE before 11pm….. only $5 all night after.

Believe me you don’t want to miss this!


In the studio.

23 06 2010

Sorry I havent been posting anything lately.

New shit on the way!


Life Is A Trip By: Michael Rios

15 06 2010

Life Is A Trip

In MY mind
Life is a trip
So pack up your bags our plane leaves at six.
There is no telling where were headed
The futures in our hands,
You got the choice to stay home
Or go out and visit uncharted lands.
Stardom Island
Or the
Lost City of Love.

Or you can stay on loser lane
Fronting every weekend at the club
Thinking the only way to get out the hood is to sell drugs.
But drugs are the only things that will keep you in the hood
Living at your moms house
Out all night with your boys up to no good.
Talking about what you could have done
Instead of going after what you want
And doing what you should.

You had all your stuff packed
And were destined
To reach your desired destination
But laziness mixed with no self-confidence is a terrible combination

You were just too scared to face the ups and downs of life.
Blamed it on motion sickness,
I bet if you could go back in time
You would do it with the quickness.

Many people missed the flight in the past.
So don’t let you be the next
You just got to get up in do it,
It isn’t even that complex.
If you’re trying to be a hit
Then get a better grip,
And make sure the you inform the next man
About how life is a trip.