Beyonce “Why Don’t You Love Me” Music Video

4 05 2010


Excuse me while I put my eyes and tongue back in my face!

Directed by : MELINA & Bee Z

Primitive 2010 Spring Campaign

19 02 2010

P-Rod’s Boutique Primitive just released footage from their new campaign.  It features the beautiful Brenda Lynn and Shay Maria taking photos with thousands of red cups. I must say that this is a very dope way to advertise the shops new products. After watching this Shay Maria is officially my new favorite model. Check out the video after the jump.

Rihanna “Rude Boy” Music Video

11 02 2010

Matt Kemp is a Rude Boy.


Audrey Hepburn “Classy Chick”

2 02 2010

Audrey Hepburn defines class and elegance. This is the type of girl I need in my life! One that has her act together and knows how to look fly without relying on flaunting her assets. She is by far one of the flyest women to ever walk this planet, at least in my opinion. I also hate the fact that females are under the impression that “Trashy” is the new Classy.

“Sophistafunk, aristocrats. Distinguished stars, clean up your acts. Pull up your pants, ladies and gents. Please, act like you got some sense. You know what I really wanna know? Where do all the good girls go? What clubs they hang in?” -Andre 3000

You don’t have to exploit yourself to be considered beautiful. It’s all about your posture and confidence. There is nothing sexier than a women that isn’t troubled by her insecurities. A woman that is aware of who she is and not just worried about how she looks. The way you dress has a lot to do with the type of men that you meet. If you aren’t on your grown and sexy then you will end up with a boy. Take notes, ladies… I will slowdown if I’m going too fast! LoL 🙂

Rihanna on W Magazine’s February 2010 issue (+More)

15 01 2010


*I see you Matt Kemp!!!*

Rosa Acosta on King Magazine’s Relaunch Issue (+More)

17 12 2009

Your Welcome