Artistic Expression w/ David Brownings

3 03 2010


I can make you a pair of custom paper shoes in your favourite colour way and can make each pair unique to you..

£100 + p+p ( $136.37 US)

Drop me an email if you would like to tell me your favourite colour way.

Available styles:
Max 90
Or send me a picture of what you would like and I will see what I can do.

Watch out for new styles coming soon……..

He has a lot of cool art on his site: CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

Christian Louboutin: Freddy Flat “Las Vegas” Edition

23 02 2010

Christian Louboutin is back with a men’s shoe line for his Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. With the immense success of their women’s shoes and accessories, Louboutin’s dope designs for men are usually overshadowed. Patent Leather has always been my weakness when it came to footwear. These are the cleanest dress shoes I have seen in a long ass time.

Only if they didn’t cost $1,200.00

Pharrell Williams Approves This Post!

Reebok 2010: ZigTech

7 02 2010

“The latest technology buzz from Reebok is ZigTech. The concept behind ZigTech is using a wavy foam platform that transfers energy from the heel area towards the forefoot as pressure is applied through footstrike. The idea seems to make sense, and the idea of the shoe giving back the energy that you put into it not only makes sense, but also gives an extra mental reassurance. Reebok has yet to release details on the shoes or the technology, but did unveil a teaser video stating that their athletes can’t talk about it until March.” -Nick Engvall

How do you feel about these joints?

via SoleCollector

The Jordan XI Anatomization

24 01 2010

In 1995, The Jordan XI’s were at the top of my wish list. Even though every colorway released were dope, the black and red playoff joints were always my favorite. When I saw these pictures my jaw dropped, to see a pair of J’s in this bad of a condition is troubling to a young sneaker head like myself. I have never seen a more thrashed pair of XI’s before in my life! Also knowing that my older brother and cousin have pairs of these stashed away didn’t help.

What I would do for a fresh pair of these OG’s..?

Just about anything legal!

A work-room should be like an old shoe; no matter how shabby, it’s better than a new one. -Willa Cather

Bon Appetit! ~ Nike Air Max 90 Burger

6 01 2010

“In the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, i constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.” -Olle Hemmendorff


Tapestry At It’s Finest: Jordan 5 “Got Grapes?”

18 12 2009

Sneakers have to be my biggest vice. If I ever have money to spare it’s a must that I get a new pair of kicks. When I stumbled across Emma Sulzer I have to admit that my jaw literally dropped. Putting 40 hours of time into creating each shoe, you can imagine that these have to be the  rarest pair of Air Jordan 5 “Grapes” on the planet. These joints are so detailed that even Tinker Hatfield would be impressed!

“Tapestry is traditionally seen as a women’s craft medium. I wanted to apply tapestry to a contemporary subject to elevate the art form and to make tapestry appealing to a young audience.” -Emma Sulzer

The dope part about this work of art is that Emma doesn’t limit her skill to just Jordan 5’s. She has also assembled a pair of New Balance Skippy’s as well as some classic olive Puma’s. The only let down is that these sneakers aren’t wearable but never the less these would be really cool to own and show off to your friends. From the jumpman on the tongue to the see through ice bottoms, we all can agree that these joints are flawless!

Want your own custom sneaker tapestry?

Contact Emma via email at:

Via: SneakerFreaker