Air Jordan 2010 Commercial (Starring Dwyane Wade)

5 02 2010


(peep MJ’s small cameo at 0:54)

Dear Basketball By: Michael Jordan

12 01 2010

I remember when this letter was published in the newspaper a few years back. Jordan announced his final retirement from the NBA and I was moved by his words. Regardless if you have read this in the past or its your first time hearing about it, I’m sure you will appreciate this post. No matter what anyone says about Kobe and LeBron, Michael Jordan will always be the best that ever played the game. With 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 6 rings, 10 scoring titles, and extraordinary stats, I don’t see how people believe they can even come up with a realistic debate.┬áHis passion is what sets him aside from all of these other athletes. Whether he is on or off the court, losing was never an option for Michael Jordan.